We are up and going!!!!

So, the webpage is up, the Etsy store is connected and everything that i have worked so hard for in the last three years is finally here. Why is it then, i am not so hysterically excited(?) I’m freaking tired!!!! It’s like your body runs off of this borrowed adrenaline allowing your mind to keep absorbing information and plunking down broken thoughts into articles and web content. Somewhere through this sleep deprived haze and ambitious stubborness (mom’s scottish, can’t help it) Came this creation which is now Lyck Bodycare. Through stolen moments where i can try a new formula or sitting and staring at product waiting for something weird and wonderful to happen, I managed to add two more children to the clan while keeping what i am attempting to pass off as sane.
In my mind, i had this moment seen as some grandiose two person party with Tom and i dancing around celebrating, opening champagne and falling down exhausted onto our couch with the afterglow of accomplishment vibrating between us. Instead, i am sitting here with my cup of tea somewhat lost in the lack of glory i was dreaming up. It’s not that it’s BAD or WRONG….just, different. Now comes more work. It’s one thing coming up with formulas and creating a brand for your product, it’s another story actually running a business.
Am i excited? Yes. Well, yes and no? A little nervous perhaps. The Launch at the Ladner Night Market was a success for us, it really was. Our product was very well received and we had excellent feedback . Tom was working that booth like a happy mad man!!! It was great to see him so engaged with all the customers:)
I will wrap up with my thank you’s:
Dear Mr. Tom: Thank you for letting me play. Sorry that you came home to shea butter in the sink and beeswax in your ramikins and always finding tester products strewn across the house. Thank you for letting me interrupt your game at midnight to smell my arm and ask”can you pick out the top note? what do you think it needs? is it too strong smelling?….what do you think of when you smell that?…no seriously, where does this take you?” Your look of “are you serious” came across, but you played along and tried to give me answers anyways. Thanks for all of your support during the last month of chaos. Nothing like stress, kids, work and more product to fill your days:) So, for many more things, – thank you HYDA xo
To Trisha – The one who has created all the branding for Lyck. Thanks for your dedication and hardwork. I really can’t thank you enough. I believe you are an amazing designer and couldn’t get to this point without you – we both know that! So much love for you. xoxox
Em – (mother in Law) Thank you for everything you have given me:) Your emotional support through this has been so invaluable to me. You are the one who encouraged me to do this since day one, so thank you for your belief in me. xoxox
To my kids, sister Skye, neighbor DiDi – thanks for all of your ideas and support!!! Another BIG reason why I am doing this!!!!

So, here we go.

Just so you know, we do have more product coming. We will have a face care line, masques, salts etc…coming in the future.

Thanks so much everyone, hope you really enjoy getting lycked! – cheers, Tyree Hunter



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night market in ladner, bc. august

Night Market in Ladner, BC
We are super stoked to launch Lyck at the Night Market in Ladner at August 18th. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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